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Whistleblowing Services

Whistleblowing Tip Off Hotline Services for your business.

Statucor provides professional services to companies and organizations only. Unfortunately, Statucor cannot assist a private individual with fraud related cases and urge the public to approach the appropriate authorities.

Does your organisation have the correct measures in place to ensure your company is aware of any issues?

If not, why not let Statucor provide a hotline email and or number to organisations for their employee’s reporting of wrongdoing in the workplace. This allows the whistleblowers to remain anonymous and provide honest and open feedback of wrong doings.

Why organisations need a hotline?

Corruption, Fraud, Theft, Nepotism, and general irregularities are an increasing problem in South Africa. It is often undetected and goes unreported, resulting in financial losses to companies, eventually to the detriment of employees, Companies, the public, Government Departments and State-Owned Entities.

Purpose of a whistle-blowing hotline service

Statucor provides these service offerings to:

  • to eliminate corruption and wrongdoing in the workplace
  • aimed at assisting concerned employees and third parties to report unethical behaviour
  • Includes but not limited to, misconduct, fraud, theft, corruption, bullying, sexual harassment, and other unethical behaviours

A whistleblowing hotline provides all company stakeholders with an anonymous, safe and confidential medium in which stakeholders may report wrongful doings within the organisation.

What Should be Reported? – If you suspect or know of any of the following within your organisation, report now:

  • Criminal Offences, unlawful and unethical conduct;
  • Bribery, corruption, fraud, theft, malpractice, improper action, questionable accounting or auditing matters and any similar


  • Failure to comply with legal obligations to which the company or a person is subject to;
  • Activities or ongoings that endanger an individual or individuals health and safety;
  • Activities or ongoings that may be environmentally damaging;
  • Unfair discrimination; intimidation, harassment, coercion, bullying and discrimination;
  • Deliberate concealment of matters pertaining to the above.

We can provide a hotline for the employee’s reporting of wrongdoing in the workplace, allowing them to remain anonymous.

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