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Compliance services

Corporate Compliance:

Is your company at risk?

Compliance Services

Every company has to adhere to the various sets of legislation and laws that govern your industry and business type, and to do so you have to put into place various policies and procedures designed to ensure that your company operates within applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards. Simply put, compliance programmes are implemented as a form of proactive risk management.

Statucor has the necessary in-house skills and expertise to interpret all legislation relevant to your business. Proficient in addressing corporate legal obstacles, we offer guidance, opinions and specific advice to the senior management of our clients. To optimise the value of this service, we employ admitted attorneys with specific expertise in commercial and corporate law. Statucor’s services encompass the following:

Annual Returns

All companies, including external companies, are required by law to file or lodge their annual returns with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) within a certain timeframe every year. Failure to do so may result in deregistration of your company. Statucor provides annual returns services that will aid in assisting you in correctly lodging all company annual returns in the correct format and within the correct time frame.

Annual Maintenance & Keeping of Records

We can provide an address that is accessible within the Republic of South Africa for the location of specific records. These records will be made available to a person who holds a beneficial interest in any securities issued by the company and who has a right to inspect the records or any other person who has a right to inspect such records as laid down in the Act.

Use of Office as Registered Office

All companies are legally obliged to register an office address with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). Companies must also keep all their statutory registers at either the registered office address or an alternative inspection location. We can offer your company an address in South Africa, either as your registered office address or as your secretarial office.

In-house skills and expertise

Statutory Audits on Secretarial Work

We can provide any Statutory audits required by the Companies Act 2008, by your company’s own regulations or by your company’s Memorandum of Incorporation. We also provide gap analysis reports, clearly summarising steps to be taken to meet requirements.


Directors Disclosures & Interests in Contracts

Every director has a statutory fiduciary duty to prevent a conflict of interest and to ensure objectivity in all decision-making processes. It is therefore imperative that all financial interests held by a director, which might negatively affect shareholders, should be formally disclosed to ensure that all directors are aware of possible conflict situations that may arise. We take care of these formalities to ensure that all matters remain above board.

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