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Secretarial services

Secretarial services

What is it?

The Company Secretarial Consultant is a high-level administrative position within a company. Unlike secretaries in the traditional clerical sense, our consultants are responsible for ensuring the efficient administration of the company to comply with the various sets of legislation and laws that govern its industry and business type.

What does it entail?

The Company Secretarial Consultant advises board members of their statutory responsibilities to assist in ensuring that the company and its directors operate within the law. This role includes stakeholder registration and communication relating to the statutory administration and ongoing compliance of the company, as well as the high-level maintenance of company records.

We provide expert advice.

The Statucor benefit

By providing a full-company secretarial service to directors, we ensure that all Companies Act obligations are met on an ongoing basis, freeing your management team to focus on driving your business forward.


Services offered

We provide expert advice and professional facilitation and administration services for all of the below company activities and requirements, providing an ad hoc, cost-effective alternative to employing a full-time company secretarial function.

Appoint or Resign Directors

Company Formations


Management of AGM

Share Transfers

Public Officer

Headquarter Companies

Names Changes

Change of Year End


Non-profit Companies (NPCs)

Appoint or Resign Directors

Foreign Exchange

Routine and Non-routine Company Secretarial Services

Company Conversions: Ltd to (Pty) Ltd and vice versa

Delivery of Stock Exchange Announcements

Drafting Constitutional Documents for Foundations and Associations

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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All public companies are required by the Companies Act to hold an AGM each year. In contrast, private companies are only required to hold one if their MOI requires it.

There are several items that a public company must address during the AGM:

  • Presentation of director’s report;
  • Presentation of audit committee report;
  • The annual financial statement;
  • Election of directors, which can vary in terms of the Act or MOI;
  • Appointment of auditor;
  • Appointment of audit committee;
  • Any other matters raised for the board by shareholders.

Prior to an AGM being held, all shareholders must be notified, along with their proxies. If any shareholders are unable to attend, they may send a representative or ask the chairman to represent them in a certain way at the meeting.

At an AGM, voting is done via poll or a show of hands. If voting is to be done via poll, this decision must be made prior to leading with the resolution, otherwise it is done by show of hands. It is important to note that a show of hands is often not proportional to the amount of shares that are held within a company.

Minutes of the meeting must be taken.

Statucor can assist with the management of an AGM, and are also able to serve as scrutineers.

Presence in South Africa

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  • Offshore Company Formation
  • Offshore Company Administration
  • Registered Office or Agent

Offshore Company Services

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  • Preparation of all documentation to register an international company
  • Supply a named person authorised to accept service of process on behalf of your company
  • Providing an annual compliance service to meet statutory obligations for a company incorporated in South Africa
  • Document preparation following any changes in your company’s constitution

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