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2 Minute Board Evaluation

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With the ever-increasing demand put on Companies and their boards by a multitude of stakeholders, board evaluations have become critical in driving continuous improvement in board performance. A well-executed board evaluation can help to provide real insights into how a board operates, interacts with one another and the company as a whole. A board assessment should focus on evaluating the board composition, setting and monitoring board culture, improving board practices and planning for board succession.

King IV recommends that a formal process be adopted for the annual board evaluation, be it externally facilitated or not. King IV further recommends that the board should schedule in its yearly work plan, an opportunity for consideration of its performance and that of its committees and its chairperson.

The board evaluation process should strengthen board oversight, corporate governance and provide an opportunity for continuous development for directors and boards. With the assistance of Statucor we can turn board evaluations into something valuable.

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Scale: 1 = strongly disagree; 2 = disagree; 3 = undecided; 4 = agree; 5 = strongly agree

General Rating Colour
The board is an independent body committed to oversight and being held accountable to shareholders and other stakeholders for its decisions.
The board governs the ethics of the company in a way that supports an ethical culture.
The board’s meeting agenda clearly reflects the Company’s strategic plan and goals.
The board has critiqued, questioned and approved managements corporate strategy.
Board composition Rating Colour
The board comprises a diverse range of knowledge, skills, experience, diversity and independence.
The board ensures that its performance is evaluated and has open and ongoing discussions about director succession.
The board adequately understands the Company’s business operations and risks, as well as the challenges and opportunities the Company may face in the future.
The board has strong but not dominant leadership which promotes independent judgement.
Board culture and meeting dynamics Rating Colour
The board encourages a culture that promotes candid communication and rigorous decision making.
All board members are able to contribute constructively at board discussions without concern or difficulty.
The frequency and time allocation for meetings is appropriate and adequate.
In agenda-setting and discussions, the board focuses on the most critical issues and opportunities facing the Company.
Information and materials Rating Colour
The board packs efficiently communicate all the information the board needs.
The board packs are received timeously in order for directors to thoroughly prepare for meetings.
The board has sufficient access to management and external advisers.

Red = contact our offices urgently to see how we can help
Amber = maybe consider speaking to us to see how we can steer you in the right direction
Green = your board is on the right path

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