Companies have a statutory duty to keep minutes and to ensure that all board discussions and decisions are recorded accurately and in context, with no room for misinterpretation. Our minute takers are professional and experienced, ensuring that you have accurate minutes for record keeping purposes. Minutes often serve as proof of decisions and board discussions and in order for directors to rely on the business judgment rule, minutes need to be accurate and kept for seven years.

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Company Liquidations & Deregistrations

Closing down a company in South Africa is referred to as 'liquidation' in common law terms. It involves a certain number of formal steps and the overall process can take many months to complete. Click here to Read More about this specific service.

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Company Restorations

If your company has been deregistered due to failure to comply with certain statutory requirements, and against the wishes of its members, we can advise on and assist in its restoration. Following the correct procedures, we'll ensure that your company is able to continue trading legally, without unnecessary complexities or delays.

B-BBEE Consulting

With changes to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, a non-strategic or misaligned approach to B-BBEE is seeing businesses fall short in the competitive arena.

From impact assessments and goal setting to real-time B-BBEE scorecard tracking, Statucor's comprehensive B-BBEE software and consulting solutions are aimed at helping you to achieve your transformation objectives (and to enjoy the numerous business benefits) with relative ease.

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Regulatory Body Assistance

Our team's legal background enables us to assist with any matter to be presented or taken to any of the corporate regulatory bodies, such as the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), the Takeover Regulations Panel (TRP) and the Companies Tribunal.

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Commercial Mediation

In the business arena of the future, alternative dispute resolution will be the preferred way of settling commercial disputes. Its effectiveness in cost, time and results means that the negative consequences of litigation can be avoided when disputes arise. We have qualified mediators available to assist you in settling any corporate and commercial disputes.

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Constitutional Documents

Qualified and admitted attorneys provide expert advice and assistance with the review, application and drafting of all company and corporate constitutional documents, including Memorandums of Incorporation, Share Terms and Rights, Shareholder Agreements and Subscription Agreements.

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Legal Opinions

We can assist in analysing, researching and investigating any corporate legal obstacle. Not only do we deliver an expert opinion on effect and consequences of the situation but, being solutions-driven, we also provide the best possible plan of action to address it.

Our team have extensive experience in advising on corporate structures and restructuring, and work closely with the Tax experts in the group to ensure comprehensive solutions.

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HR Consulting

Attracting and retaining the right people in your organisation is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Every business needs tailor-made HR strategies and solutions in place to optimise on human resources, while minimising risk.

Specialising in Talent Attraction & Management, Strategic HR, Transactional HR and Legal HR, our consultants can assist in any HR matters, from recruiting and developing skills to advising on complex corporate transitions.

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