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Media Release From The dti Date: 30 November 2010

The Department of Trade and Industry ("the dti") has released proposed Consumer Protection Act regulations for public comment in the Government Gazette (No.71 of 2008.). The Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008 ("the Act") was signed into law by the President on 24 April 2009. For the effective implementation of the Act, Section 120 authorises the Minister to issue regulations. Section 120(2) (b) of the Act requires that before making any regulations in terms of section 120 (1) (b), the Minister must publish proposed regulations for public comment. After the public comment stage, final regulations will be issued in the government gazette. The regulations can be viewed on the dti website at www.thedti.gov.za.

Furthermore, please note that the Companies Act 2008 was also signed into law by the President on 9 April 2009. The Act has to come into legal force no less than 12 months after the signing into an Act of Parliament by the President. Draft Regulations for public comment were published on 22 December 2009 until 1st March 2010. Ever since consultations has been taking place with various stakeholders. An awareness campaign was launched in August 2010 to familiarise the public with the process and content of the regulations.

The Companies Regulations have now been revised following comments and have been placed on the dti (www.thedti.gov.za) and CIPRO (www.cipro.gov.za) websites for public scrutiny and further comment. Please note that the Regulations should be read together with the Companies Amendment Bill, 2010, that is currently serving in Parliament.

Now that the two Regulations of the two respective Acts are in the public domain for comment, general and focused workshops and seminars will take place in January 2011, a schedule will be released in due course. These workshops will culminate into the finalisation of the Regulations for implementation on 1st April 2011. Relevant Notices/Proclamations will be published in the Government Gazette concerning the coming into effect of the respective Acts.

Comments on the released draft Regulations for both Companies Act and Consumer Protection Act should be submitted by 31 January 2011 to the following persons:

Consumer Protection Regulations: Mr. Ntutuzelo Vananda at cparegs@thedti.gov.za or Fax (012) 394 2383 and enquiries at Tel (012) 394 1383.

Companies Regulations: Mr Desmond Ramabulana at companiesregulations@thedti.gov.za or fax (012) 394 2193 and enquiries at Tel (012) 394 1193.