• Jul 28, 15
  • Statucor

Dear Non Profit Company, 


Kindly note that as a non-profit company (NPC) you have a duty to comply with section 33 of the Companies Act, 2008 and Companies Regulation 30. 


In terms of section 33 of the Companies Act, 2008 and Companies Regulation 33 companies (including external companies) must file annual returns within 30 business days from the anniversary date of its incorporations via the CIPC annual return website annualreturns.cipc.co.za. 


The duty to comply with annual returns for NPC’s was rolled out on 1 May 2011. Due to the roll out on 1 May 2011, NPC’s that have not complied with filing annual returns for two successive annual return periods, may now be referred for deregistration due to non compliance with annual return filing and if finally deregistered the legal personality will be withdrawn. Once the legal persona is withdrawn, the non profit company will be unable to conduct its affairs. 


Therefore, if the NPC is active or will be active in the near future, it is advised that the status of annual return filings, and the fee due be confirmed via the CIPC annual return website annualreturns.cipc.co.za/AR Fee Calculator. All outstanding annual returns must be brought up to date to avoid deregistration. The NPC will be able to file annual returns even if it is in deregistration process but not if it was finally deregistered. 


For more information on annual returns, how to file and the prescribed fees involved, kindly refer to the following documents:- 

• Information Guide on Annual Returns; 

(www.cipc.co.za / quick links / I want to… / Information Guide) 

• Frequently asked questions; 

• (www.cipc.co.za / Help / General FAQ’s / Companies / Annual Returns) 

• Step by step online guide to file annual returns. 

(annualreturns.cipc.co.za / step 4) or 


For further assistance, kindly contact annualreturns@cipc.co.za


Yours sincerely,