• Apr 01, 11
  • Statucor

With reference to the implementation of the New Companies Act, which is supposed to come into effect on 1st April 2011, Statucor wishes to advise as follows:-

  • As you are aware CIPRO have designed new forms and on 1 April no "old CM Forms" can be lodged with CIPRO.
  • Please note that forms already completed and forwarded to clients for signature, which have not been returned and lodged before end of March 2011, will need to be re-prepared using the new format.
  • Delays will be experienced with CIPRO as the staff will be dealing with new systems, forms etc. Please note that we will also be learning these new systems, so there will be a delay in Statutory requests, and completion of documentation, as we will have to learn the new forms/system/processes from scratch. Please be patient, and take care when making promises to clients.
  • We should be in receipt of the new CIPRO forms within the next week or so, and should the new Act come into effect on 1st April 2011, as planned, we will have to start making use of these forms from about the middle of March, to ensure they can be lodged under the requirements of the New Act.