• May 01, 12
  • Statucor

Once your company has been registered, your next logical step would be to hold your first board meeting. Put your best foot forward by drawing up an agenda to deal with the most critical matters. By doing so, you will save yourself the frustration of numerous written resolutions:



Here are 11 guidelines for what you should include in your agenda:

  1. Certificate of incorporation – needs to be produced by the company secretary or the person fulfilling the role and its receipt recorded in the minutes
  2. Appointment of the first directors – if these are different to incorporators, their names need to be formally recorded in the minutes
  3. Appointment of CEO or MD
  4. Appointment of chairman of the board
  5. Appointment of the secretary (if needed)
  6. Appointment of the auditors (if needed)
  7. Appointment of the company’s bankers
  8. Consideration for the raising of capital – decide on the method to be used
  9. Allotment of shares – to the incorporators
  10. Allotment of shares – to others if applicable
  11. Disclosure of financial interests

Any other matters pertaining to the company should also be discussed. After the first meeting has been held, it’s a good idea to have a standard agenda which can be incorporated into the board charter to direct the meetings.