• Mar 13, 17
  • Statucor

The role of the Director plays a very important part in the Company and can determine the success or downfall of a company.

For your information please feel free to download our comprehensive Director’s Guide which we trust will guide you in the role and responsibility as a Director.

Download our Directors Guide

Should you require assistance or any further information in this regards please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you

Whats in the Directors Guide?

  • Accountability, Transparency and Disclosure
  • Accounting Records, Financial Statements and Audits
  • Actions Requiring Shareholder Approval
  • Appointment and Election of Directors
  • Board, Committees and Meetings
  • Business Rescue Provisions
  • Categories of Companies
  • Close Corporations (CC’s)
  • Defences and Relief for Directors
  • Definition of a Prescribed Officer
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Directors
  • Easier Access to Remedies
  • Enhanced Accountability Requirements
  • Important Laws Affecting Businesses in South Africa
  • Indemnification and Director’s Insurance
  • Introduction
  • King IV™
  • Lending and Financial Assistance to Directors
  • Liability of Directors
  • Nature and Definition of a Director
  • Non-Eligible and Disqualified Directors
  • Probation and Delinquency
  • Protection of Whistle-Blowers
  • Reckless Trading
  • Remuneration of Directors
  • Rights and Powers of Directors
  • Ring-Fenced and Personal Liability Companies
  • Solvency and Liquidity Test
  • Termination of Office
  • Useful Weblinks
  • Winding-up of Solvent Companies and Deregistration

Download our Directors Guide